About the Firm

Rickard, Denney, Garno & Leichliter is a multi-specialty law firm serving corporate and individual clients. Our team of seasoned, trial-tested attorneys approaches each matter with a personal commitment to client service and advocacy. Always focused on providing practical, intelligent advice, we work to solve your specific business or personal issues. Accomplishing your goals is always the driving force in our counsel.

We understand that “one size fits all” is not the right approach when it comes to your legal needs. Each matter receives a thorough analysis to determine the appropriate course of action to accomplish your specific objective. Our team of dedicated attorneys and legal assistants combine hands-on business experience with cutting-edge legal knowledge to offer sensible and definitive solutions with a bottom-line focus.

To ensure that our clients have the right tool for the right job, our in-house team sits at the center of a wide network of legal specialists, expert witnesses and industry professionals throughout the country who can be called at a moment’s notice to assist on a matter. This structure allows us to combine the personal attention and definitive advice that you would expect in the best small firms, with a depth of knowledge and specialty services that rivals most large firms.